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French audio and video transcripts

Audio Transcripts

  • A4 TRADUCTION offers professional audio transcript services, from virtually any language to any language, and on any physical or digital format. Transcripts can be verbatim, rephrased or summarized.

Video Transcripts

  • For video transcripts, we can deal with most current formats and handle timecoding.

Transcripts and translations

  • Naturally, transcripts can be translated into one or several languages.

Translators’ translations: French transcript, English transcript, German transcript, Spanish transcript, Italian transcript, Chinese transcript, Japanese transcript, Korean transcript, Khmer transcript, Lao transcript, Thai transcript, Burmese transcript, Russian transcript, Serbo-Croat transcript, Farsi transcript, Arabic transcript, Dutch transcript, Portuguese transcript, Norwegian transcript, Swedish transcript, Danish transcript, Polish transcript, Hungarian transcript, Czech transcript, regional languages transcript...

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