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Translation basic guidelines

A few common sense do’s and dont’s:

  • A translator can translate from a language to his or her mother tongue only - not the other way round.
  • If you are not a professional translator, even if you believe you are perfectly bilingual, your translations will not sound right.
  • Being bilingual is one thing, being a professional translator is another one.
  • A good translator cannot be good on all subjects. It is our business as a translation agency to select translators for the areas they are really good at.
  • Cost in translation? Translation rates are globally very low, often too low to ensure "the best value for money" which is the usual claim of all translators and translation agencies. Our rates are regarded to be standard market rates.
  • References: translation is so much a case by case business, we believe references are quite misleading. However here is a selection of our clients
  • ISO 9001 certification: to our knowledge, ISO certification only covers administrative parts of the translation process. Nice to have, but irrelevant.

For further details on translation and translators.


All professional translators are subject to the strictest confidentiality rules. We can also encrypt data exchanges between your organisation and ourselves, as well as with our own translators.

Format of documents:

We can handle all current formats, including vectorized documents, as well as audio or video files.

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