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Latest sworn translations

For any sworn translation quotes, please email us your document in attachment to a4traduction@a4traduction.com or contact us at: +44-20 3514 0650

Sworn translators

  • A sworn translator is a translator who has been approved by the French administration (in our case) as a provider of certified translations i.e. identical in content to the original copy. Sworn translators has not necessarily better degrees or more experience than other translators: his or her translations are just deemed to be correct by public authorities. This is the only difference with a standard translation, not to mention the extra cost and turnover time. A sworn translator must sign all his translations as well as the original copies (in some cases a clean scan is good enough) and affixes his seal.

When does one need a sworn translation?

  • In most cases sworn translations are required by public authorities (Universities, consulates, embassies, for fiscal and legal purposes, birth or marriage certificates, etc.

Sworn translation vs legalisation

  • Legalisation is a certification of a translation carried out by an administration (embassy or consulate), when there are no reciprocal conventions between two countries.
  • French Spanish sworn translation, Marriage certificate.
  • French Spanish sworn translation, Association’s articles.
  • Portuguese French sworn translation, Divorce certificate.
  • Russian French sworn translation , Lease contract.
  • English French sworn translation , Birth certificate.
  • English French sworn translation, Contract.
  • Arabic French sworn translation, Legal documents.
  • French Portuguese sworn translation, Driving licence.
  • French English sworn translation, Birth certificate, ID and diplomas.
  • French Spanish sworn translation and legalisation , legal documents.
  • English French sworn translation , Diploma.
  • French Chinese sworn translation, Birth certificate.
  • Hindi French sworn translation, Registration card.
  • French Portuguese sworn translation, Legal documents.
  • French Spanish sworn translation, Donation.
  • Portuguese French sworn translation, Legal documents.
  • English French sworn translation, Birth certificate.
  • German French sworn translation, Diploma.
  • Norwegian French sworn translation, Certificate.
  • French Vietnamese sworn translation, notarial deed.
  • Japanese French sworn translation, lease
  • Dutch French sworn translation, fiscal document
  • Portuguese French sworn translation, marriage certificate
  • English French sworn translation, notarial deed
  • Chinese French sworn translation, diplomas
  • Portuguese French sworn translation, balance sheet
  • French Portuguese sworn translation, birth certificate
  • French German sworn translation, diploma & marks sheet
  • French English sworn translation, articles of association and balance sheet

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