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Translation rates: Which?

  • With A4TRADUCTION, pricing of your translation project is: Transparent, public, anonymous, easy to obtain, precise and reliable for your budgeting. All you need is to enter your volume and timeline, and then make your own choices in 2 clicks. 150 € (VAT excluded) is the minimum charge.
  • We don’t claim to offer the best translation rates on the market, OR the best value for money, OR the best quality available: YOU can choose between them, according to your requirements and constraints. This is why you have three different pricing levels: Budget, Standard, Excellence. You can also choose the layout and deadline that meet YOUR needs.
  • If you have requested several translation quotes, you will probably find out that translation rates vary in large proportions. If this is the case, find out why and click here to download a brief DOs and DON’Ts released by the SFT (Société Française des Traducteurs), with the kind authorization of Christine Durban.
  • For translation projects over 50, 000 words, we provide detailed current status of your translation at least once a week. To send us files up to 2 Gb without the hassle of an ftp site, just using your e-mail account, click here A4TRADUCTION, the translation agency that makes it easier for you!

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