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For all languages within the EU, get your translation quote immediately. For all other language pairs, please send your document in attachment to a4traduction@a4traduction.com or contact us at: +44-20 3514 0650

There are around 6000 languages around the world, and we can easily find the right resources from or into English or French for around 100 different languages, i.e. 400 language pairs. Here is a selection of our latest translation projects:

Contract, insurance.

Story board, entertainment industry.

Simultaneous interpreting, investment banking

Marketing brochure

Sworn translation, birth certificate


Marketing brochure

Company’s articles (certified translation)

Distribution contract


Labour contract

Investment procedures

Quality Insurance

Real estate contract

Press release

Audit report - logistics

Financial products prospectus (Mutual fund)

Sales leaflet

Press release (internet standards & infrastructure)

Financial products prospectus (Mutual fund)

Report on Economic cooperation Scenario

Communications Audit


EU insurance regulations

Internet website



Report on Healthcare systems

Internal communication

Press release

OEM contract


Latest translations

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